‘My boyfriend is abusive in his sleep and tries to run away in the nude’

A woman said her boyfriend is abusive to her in his sleep and tries to run away in the nude, and even though she admits it’s not his fault she says it is taking a toll on their relationship.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said that she had been with her partner for more than three years and whenever he’s awake they got on really well.

The trouble begins when he falls asleep, as he will call her a ‘b***h’, push her to the floor, and try to run out of the house whilst completely naked to ‘go to the park’.

She said that he will apologise when he wakes up but then adds that she can’t be mad at him because he was asleep – and now she doesn’t know what to do.

Sharing her story on Reddit, the woman posted: “My boyfriend and I have been together for 3.5 years. He is the heaviest sleeper I have ever met.

“He used to sleepwalk a lot, but he’s only sleepwalked a handful of times throughout our relationship. He talks a lot of gibberish whilst asleep too.

“In the most recent sleepwalk, he was aggressively adamant that he was going to go to the park naked and called me a ‘b***h’ and pushed me to the floor when I tried to stop him.

“I cannot wake him up at all. He misses alarms a lot and is often so deeply asleep that I can literally push him to the end of the bed, because he will lie in the middle, and he will not awaken. He will chat nonsense at me though, and most of it can be rather nasty.

“I fear that there could be a fire, or if we had an emergency, that he would not wake up. And I am fed up of being told abusive things.

“Half an hour ago I was told to ‘fk off’, ‘leave him alone’, ‘go away, I don’t want you’ and ‘c‘ for trying to wake him up so that he could tell me his work alarm time as he’d fallen asleep and forgotten to put it on.

“I do tell him when he’s been particularly bad, and he does apologise. But he also thinks that I should get on with it because it’s not actually him saying these things, it’s his ‘sleep version’.

“It’s starting to wear me down. I want to be with him but I can’t stand how he is when he’s asleep, and I share a bed with him.”

After sharing her story, other Reddit users came to the woman’s aid and offered their advice.

One user wrote: “Definitely needs to do a sleep study, there’s medication for this.”

And another added: “Tell him he needs to go to the doctor and request a sleep study. Relationship strain aside, this much activity during sleep can be dangerous, and he needs medical help to get it under control.”

While a third person said: “This is a medical problem and he needs to address it before someone gets hurt.”