Pizza chef shares hack for stealing a slice from customers without them noticing

If you’ve ever ordered yourself a big, fat, greasy, extra cheesy pizza, only to discover it arrived looking smaller than you’d expected, you’re not alone.

But, while you might assume it’s just your greedy hanger convincing you that your 12-inch meat feast arrived as a mere 10-incher, it turns out you could’ve been right.

That’s because one sneaky pizza chef has shared a sneaky little hack, which allows them to cheekily take a slice – a big one at that – before piecing the pizza back together again, and you’d never even know.

The pizza chef, who goes by the name of Flourboy on TikTok, started by cutting a triangular shape through the centre of the pizza, from one side to the other, effectively cutting the entire pizza into three pieces.

He then removed the huge, long slice, presumably to scoff for himself, before cutting the remaining pieces into four slices each, and placing them all back together. What is this wizardry?

While many people were baffled by the sly pizza hack, others were quick to comment pointing out that this hack was first made known to the world by Richard, in The Amazing World of Gumball, which came out back in 2012.

Nevertheless, the hack is pretty shocking, and is no doubt going to leave a lot of people with trust issues when it comes to ordering that all-important takeaway.

“My whole life has been a lie,” one TikTok user commented, while another added: “OMG, this is why I have trust issues.”

Does anyone else feel like they’re going to have to get a measuring tape out every time a pizza arrives now? Damn it, TikTok.