Wife sent ‘sorry for sh***ing your husband gift’ by woman he cheated on her with

There’s no perfect way to handle the situation after learning you’ve been cheated on.

But two women have faced a slew of praise for their rather unique handling of the affair, which recently went viral.

Elizabeth Lindsay has shared the recent gift she received from the woman her husband was having an affair with – to mark the one year anniversary of leaving him.

She shared the box of biscuits the woman sent – including one iced with an apology for ‘sh***ing your husband,’ first spotted by the Daily Record

Others poke fun at the ex – and one celebrates the unlikely pairs special bond, with ‘sisters before vertically challenged misters’ iced on a cookie featuring the two of them.

In a video, Elizabeth, who lives in Scotland, explained that the ‘other woman’ had no clue he was married.

In a Tik Tok video, Elizabeth explained that her partner lied to them both and used a fake name before eventually being caught out.

Now the pair have had the last laugh after striking up an unlikely friendship – which left people in hysterics.

Elizabeth said: “It’s the anniversary of me leaving my husband, so the lady – who was having an affair with him didn’t know his real name and was being quite badly abused by him – gave me a present.

“So I’m just going to explain the present – it’s cookies!”

Pointing to one in the shape of genitals with the name ‘Sly Bry’, she explained: “This one is his nickname. Modified a bit with a little ‘pee pee’.”

Showing another cookie of a text reading ”you’re so shady’, she said: “The night that I caught him having an affair, I finally had truth and was speaking to the girl.

“He caught me speaking to her and was pushing me through the door shouting at me and calling me shady. Well, who’s the shady one?”

Another cookie featured the duo sticking up their middle fingers, with the words ‘sisters before vertically challenged misters’ on their jackets.

“Aren’t these beautiful. Sisters before vertically challenged misters – not that there’s anything wrong with being short,” Elizabeth added.

“She knows I love roses so she put ‘sorry for sh***ing your husband’. It’s just absolutely brilliant.”

Her video was heaped with praise, as viewers flocked to praise the pair for their unusual bond.

One commented: “This is awesome! Sorry, you both got hurt by some scrub.”

Another joked: “I can only imagine the person she ordered this from being so confused and amused.”

A third added: “You become friends in the most unexpected ways sometimes.”